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The Furious
The Furious
Level Information
Creator Knobbelboy
Difficulty Demon Hard Demon
Stars 10 Star
Level ID 19564763
Song The Furious
Composer DuoCore

The Furious is a demon level made by Knobbelboy.


The Furious is a level by Knobbelboy, the creator of Dark Rainbow Rebirth. It takes the name from the song used. The level, with its 53 thousand objects, boasts highly detailed effects and lots of animation. The level focuses on memorization and crucial timing during the double/triple speed parts. The level is also well known for its 2.1 fan made dash orbs.


The level is separated into several sections. Before the beginning of the first drop, the game-play is a bit slower, generally using cube and ball parts but also a ship part. These parts are based on timings. Then there is a faster paced part that uses mostly the cube game-mode with short sections in other game-mode. Then the first drop begins, which is a very long fast-paced intense section with lots of hard timings, fast-paced mode changes, and tight spaces as well as memorization. Then there will eventually be an auto cube part that eventually results in a rather difficult ship part. Then the second drop begins, which starts with a very long and difficult wave part. Then there is a rather difficult UFO part. This is followed by a very fast-paced cube part with lots of dual portals and fast-paced transitions. Eventually, there will be a ship part that displays lots of art, where the player has to go through several gravity portals and eventually go through a cube portal to end the level. It also has a demon face at the end of the level, so players know to rate it demon.



  • The demon face at the end was made by Knobbelboy himself.
    • Some people thought that he hacked the level to place the said demon face.
    • In regards of the trivia above, Knobbelboy then created a video on how to create a demon face in the editor.