The actual list:

The following list orders the top 50 most difficult and challenging demon levels ever, made by a staff of famous players with the help of the Geometry Dash Community. It is based off the list provided in the link above.

Last updated: November 17, 2018 - 10:44 AM

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  • Admin: Michigun, Ryder
  • Mods: Almyros, ChiefFlurry, Deltablu, Donutpanda, Fimatic, Joshawott, Krazyman50, PeanutPickle, Quantum, Riot, Slypp, SrGuillester, Surv, Tritron

Official Demon List

Rank Level Creator(s)/Verifier/Publisher Soundtrack GD Period
#1 Bloodlust Creator(s): Manix, Quasar, Xaro and more

Verifier: Knobbelboy

Publisher: Knobbelboy

At The Speed Of Light - by Dimrain47 2.0-2.1
#2 Spacial Rend Creator(s): Wherin, Eclipsed

Verifier: DiamondSplash

Publisher: Eclipsed

Electrodynamix - DJ Nate 2.1
#3 Plasma Pulse Finale Creator(s): Smokes and GironDavid

Verifier: Smokes

Publisher: Smokes

1077 - by BoomKitty 2.1
#4 Gamma Creator(s): Lemons, Mindcap, Pennutoh

Verifier: Technical

Publisher: Mindcap

Carnivores by Creo 2.1
#5 Stalemate Redux Creator(s): GDTheTactiq and TheFrozenTide

Verifier: TheRealZephal

Publisher: GDTheTactiq

Stalemate by KzX 2.1
#6 Zaphkiel Creator(s): Darwin and NoctaFly

Verifier: NoctaFly (Hacked)

Publisher: Darwin

Zaphkiel by Kolkian 2.1
#7 Quantum Processing Creator(s): Riot, Hinds and Sil3nce

Verifier: Rampage

Publisher: Riot

Blast Processing by Waterflame 2.1
#8 Cadrega City Creator(s): Pennutoh

Verifier: Sunix

Publisher: Pennutoh

Time Machine by Waterflame 2.1
#9 Artificial Ascent Creator(s): GeoStorm (GS)

Verifier: GS Combined

Publisher: ViPriN

Surface by Dimrain47 2.0
#10 Devil Vortex Creator(s): Rustam

Verifier: ToshDeluxe

Publisher: Rustam

Weeping Demon by NemesisTheory 2.1
#11 Bausha Vortex Creator(s): Pennutoh

Verifier: Temporum

Publisher: Pennutoh

Fracture by Rukkus 2.1
#12 Killbot Creator(s): Lithifusion

Verifier: BoldStep

Publisher: BoldStep

Sweet Dreams by Rukkus 2.1
#13 Mystic Creator(s): jdfr03,Dysfunctional Popo, MrSleepy, ZielGD, EndLevel, MegaMan, iBlade, Hexhammer, Creatorforce, Krazyman50, Cypher, Igno, JonathanGD and Zendayo

Verifier: EndLevel

Publisher: Endlevel

Sidestep by AeronMusic 2.1
#14 Step To Hell Creator(s): LaZye, Nico99, Bloodshot, CompleXx, VooDoo89, Failure444, Chase97, Poccottini, Sxap01, Skullkid, Zimnior12, Pennutoh, and Kstrol

Verifier: BoldStep

Publisher: LaZye

Clubstep by dj-nate 2.1
#15 Subsonic Creator(s):Terron, Ggb0y, Xcy7, Evasium622, Dude, ViPriN, Rustam, TheDevon, Panman, Sumsar, and Jeyzor

Verifier: GS Combined

Publisher: ViPriN

Speedbreaker by Djjaner 2.1
#16 Sakupen Hell Creator(s): Noobas

Verifier: TrusTa

Publisher: Trusta

Iron God: Sakupen Hell Yes RMX by mr.jazzman 1.9
#17 The Hell World Creator(s): Zelds, 1234, Dudex, Airswipe, Koreaqwer, S1l3nce, Tesla, Zhander and Stormfly

Verifier: Stormfly

Publisher: Stormfly

Dry Out by DJVI 2.1
#18 Black Blizzard Creator(s): Krazyman50

Verifier: Krazyman50

Publisher: Krazyman50

Dimension by Creo 2.1
#19 Glowy Creator(s): RobBuck

Verifier: BoldStep

Publisher: RobBuck

Tuxedo Ligthsaber by F-777 2.1
#20 Hatred Creator(s): AZuLer4

Verifier: SrGuillester

Publisher: AZuLer4

Hate Everything by Xtrullor 2.0 - 2.1
#21 The Hell Origin Creator(s): Sohn0924, Tuskifoto, AZuLer4, Zhander, MrPPs, Xaro, Alex PG, Vindik, Zimninor12 and Ternamit

Verifier: Stormfly

Publisher: Stormfly

DEV - Bass Down Low Remix by Rukkus 2.1
#22 Bloodbath Creator(s): Weoweoteo, Vermillion, Michigun, Evasium, Crack, ASonicMen, Etzer, Havok, GironDavid, and Ggb0Y

Verifier: Riot

Publisher: Riot

At the Speed of Light by Dimrain47 1.9
#23 Phobos Creator(s): KobaZz, Honeyb (Tandrii), TechneT, GMTSean, Jobet, Eduard0 (NiTro451), iBlade, Palery, Smokes, Jo2000, DreamEater, Tygrysek, Iqrar99, Skitten, Kubs0n, Andromeda, Caernarvon725, Razur, WOOGI1411, and Riqirez

Verifier: Krazyman50

Publisher: Krazyman50

Phobos by Solkrieg 1.9 - 2.0
#24 Athanatos Creator(s): IIExenityII, Herzilo, and Gaero

Verifier: Aurorus (Hacked)

Publisher: IIExenityII

The Falling Mysts by Dimrain47 2.0
#25 Aurora Creator(s): TheKris

Verifier: TheKris

Publisher: TheKris

Cosmic Dreamer by Djjaner 2.1
#26 Infernal Abyss Creator(s): Ggb0Y, Manix648 and bianox07

Verifier: YGYoshI

Publisher: SWITHI

Dark Dragon Fire by F-777 2.0
#27 Carnage Mode Creator(s): Findexi, Nasgubb, Dudex, Kips, Speed, Lassiboy, Juhou and Lemons

Verifier: SrGuillester

Publisher: Findexi

Carnage by DuoCore 2.1
#28 The Hell Zone Creator(s): (Original by Sohn0924) Cyclic, 1234, Ryan LC, and Koreaqwer

Verifier: Stormfly

Publisher: Stormfly

Time Machine by Waterflame 1.2 - 2.0
#29 Conical Depression Creator(s): Krazyman50

Verifier: Krazyman50

Publisher: Krazyman50

Stereo Madness by ForeverBound 2.0
#30 Betrayal of Fate Creator(s): Weoweoteo and Xcy-7

Verifier: Weoweoteo

Publisher: Weoweoteo

Betrayal of Fate by Goukisan 2.0
#31 A Bizarre Phantasm Creator(s): TeamN2

Verifier: GoodSmile

Publisher: TeamN2

Betrayal of Fate by Goukisan 2.0
#32 Down Bass Creator(s): TheRealSpectra

Verifier: TheRealSneaky

Publisher: TheRealSpectra

DEV-BassDownLow Remix by NK 2.0 - 2.1
#33 Artificial Ideology Creator(s): TeamN2

Verifier: Knobbelboy

Publisher: TeamN2

Event Horizon by xKore 2.0
#34 Blade of Justice Creator(s): Manix648, LazerBlitz, and KnobbelBoy

Verifier: RicoLP

Publisher: Manix648

Betreyal of Fear by Goukisan 2.1
#35 Audio Extraction Creator(s): T17, GoodSmile, Star77, Cryomancer, Logik, P14, CubeCreator, Bio21, AbstractDark, and Agent

Verifier: GoodSmile

Publisher: GoodSmile

Infinite Power by TheFatRat 2.1
#36 Plasma Pulse III Creator(s): Smokes and GironDavid

Verifier: Smokes

Publisher: Smokes

Paradise on E Remix by API 2.1
#37 Aftermath Creator(s): Exenity, Squizz, Hinds, Vultra, Rhythmic, Waze, Bassiegames, Findexi, and Knobbelboy

Verifier: Satcho

Publisher: Satcho

At the Speed of Light by Dimrain47 2.1
#38 DoomsDay Creator(s): ElectricBass

Verifier: ElectricBass

Publiser: ElectricBass

At the Speed of Light by Dimrain47 2.0
#39 Novalis Creator(s): GrylleX

Verifier: GrylleX

Publisher: GrylleX

PUNYASO - Popcorn Remix by Coldbreakz 2.1
#40 The Hell Dignity Creator(s): *needs filling*

Verifier: *needs filling*

Publisher: Stormfly

Polargeist by Step 2.0 - 2.1
#41 Incipient Creator(s): JenkinsGD

Verifier: JenkinsGD

Publisher: JenkinsGD

Immunity by Dexarson 2.1
#42 Breakout Creator(s): Surv and Joshawott

Verifier: Surv

Publisher: Surv

Lockout by Lockyn 2.0
#43 Twisted Tranquility Creator(s): Flukester, Kenny, Jude, Gach, Dino, Venom, Killua, Zeta, and Ghost

Verifier: BoldStep

Publisher: Flukester

2k9 battle jam by Meganeko 2.1
#44 Niflheim Creator(s): Vismuth

Verifier: Koreaqwer

Publisher: Vismuth

Another World by Razorrekker 2.0
#45 Red World Rebirth Creator(s): Riot, SaRy, Neptune, Findexi, Hinds, and ViPriN

Verifier: Riot

Publisher: Riot

Clubstep by DJ-Nate 1.9 - 2.0
#46 The Flawless Creator(s): IIIRyanIII, Atheoz, Xevenfurious, Raptorz, Reverier, Megaspeed, Codly, and Crispy Creepz

Verifer: TrusTa

Publisher: IIIRyanIII

Flawless Wings of Yatagarasu by GLS 2.0
#47 The Hell Factory Creator(s): TeamN2

Verifier: Powerbomb

Publisher: TeamN2

Flawless Wings by Yatagarasu by GLS 2.0
#48 Subersive Creator(s): Disappear, UltimateGuy, Vird, Disp, Sl@v.ik, Sightorld, XCore, RespectVG, ChaSe97, _Namtar, MUFF1N, and Snowr33de

Verifier: *needs filling*

Publisher: Snowr33de

Corrosive by Xtrullor 2.0 - 2.1
#49 Fabrication Creator(s): Krampux, Soulwinds, Motu, Patlu, Technolitz, KeiAs, Dotory, LatiM, Magical47, Dister K, Ghost Ranar, SwJo, Kurai, Yonaka, Crepuscule, CreatorDemon, Soulsand, Zernis, Mulpan, Pyei, and Demn

Verifier: Luciela

Publisher: KeiAs

Outbreaker by Hinkik 2.0 - 2.1
#50 Elite Z Rebirth Creator(s): Krazyman50 and AirSwipe

Verifier: Krazyman50

Publisher: Krazyman50

Theory of Everything by DJ-Nate 2.0