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Level Information
Creator Nuclear Nacho
Difficulty Medium Demon Medium Demon
Stars 10 Star
Level ID 11643821
Song The Shredder
Composer Waterflame

MeatGrinder is a demon level by Nuclear Nacho, made in very early 2.0, which is said to be the third or the fourth easiest demon of this update (after Platinum Adventure, Blue Hell and Wrandering).


The level starts in mini ship mode, quite easy due to the slow speed. Then the player goes in a mirrored ball mode which requires simple taps. After an harder mashing mini UFO with gravity changes and an extremely basic cube, the player goes to a somehow long dual robot, that is a bit tricky, but not too hard because is symmetrical. Then the drop starts and the player goes to a Deadlocked-like ship section, which requires some timing, followed by an UFO with a similar difficulty. Then the speed slows down and the player enters to the hardest part of the level, that is a tight wave in a way similar to DeCode's one. After that the player, in robot mode, must run on a moving platform by skipping the moving hazards below without hurting the gears above. The level ends with a simple ship with Nacho's signature.


  • The level is an entry for a Viprin's creator contest.