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Levels 13 (4 starred)
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Crew Unknown
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Knobbelboy is a very popular Dutch creator. He is known for creating intricately designed levels which boast extremely good effects, namely The Furious, and Dark Rainbow Rebirth, a level which have been on the Official Extreme and Insane Demons Ranking List for a while now. He had also participated in several well-known mega-collaborations such as Aftermath and Fusion Z.

While being a known creator, Knobbelboy is also considered by many as also a highly skilled player. This was first shown when he became 10th person to beat Bloodbath (29,973 attempts) on July 16th, 2016. This was one of his many achievements, as he completed other difficult demons such Cataclysm, The Hell Factory, and Athanatos as well.

On August 16th, 2016, Quasar quit Geometry Dash and Knobbelboy has been given Bloodlust to verify. His current record is 98%, the worst fail in GD history.


Starred Levels

Unstarred Levels

  • The Blade
  • HopeLess
  • Bullseye
  • The End of Time
  • Rainbow Aura
  • NeverEnding
  • Before Midnight
  • Knock Knock
  • Dark Rainbow

Upcoming Levels


  • Suprisingly, while being a popular creator, he only has 4 star rated levels in the game.
  • Knobbelboy has a video which is tutorial of making a Demon Face in Geometry Dash.
  • On September 4th, 2016, Knobbelboy has uploaded a teaser video of Bloodlust.
    • Now, he has a world record of 72%, to the community's dismay.
  • He is friends with Geomania who also verified his Nine Circles level Crying Souls.
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