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Level Information
Creator Krazyman50
Difficulty Insane Demon Insane Demon
Stars 10Star
Level ID 25147297
Song Miami Hotline Vol.3
Composer Demonicity

hi is a 2.0 demon level created by Krazyman50.


hi features a lot of good effects and simple block designs. The main highlight of this level is the symetrical dual parts that would appear at the drop. This level is considered exceptionally hard due to the sheer amount of harsh timings present.


It starts off like Lit Fuse with a cube jumping over rgb coloured spikes. After a while the cube goes on a slope and has to hit a blue jump ring, then land a triple spike immediately after. This then leads to a confusing dual with jump rings, tricky timings, and jump pads.

After the dual, there is a mini cube similar to Falling Up and Death Moon. You can only see a few blocks away due to the tunnel effect used for this section. However, one can navigate through this part as it is synced to the "chime" of the song. This then leads to the drop.

The drop is composed of multiple symetrical dual parts. The first one being a dual wave part, the second one being a ball part, then a UFO part and finally a robot part. All of these part requires equally precise timings and skill to get around.

The end features a dark ship part, and requires navigating through an excesively long straight fly section. The dark effect paired with the constant darkening screen making it harder than it seems. It goes on on until a dual mini ship part comes along, and the level ends right after it.


  • Every gamemode from update 2.0 is used, and each have their own dual parts.
  • This level has become very famous, very fast, probably because of Krazyman50's high profile.