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Halloween Circles
Level Information
Creator Psychomaniac14
Difficulty TBA
Stars TBA
Level ID TBA
Song HalloweenStep
Composer Unknown

Halloween Circles is an upcoming level by Psychomaniac14.


Despite the level having "Circles" at the end, Halloween Circles is not confirmed to be a Nine Circles level (although, it's creator has confirmed that it has a Nine Circles section). The level has lots of straight flying and extreme timings, as well as moving objects.


  • The whole level is in red and black, probably commemorating Halloween, hence the name.
  • Psychomaniac14 claims that the Nine Circles wave segment is "beyond extreme," possibly hinting that this level could be of silent difficulty.
  • Psychomaniac14 says that there will be a boss fight against Death some way into the Nine Circles section. This could mean that the Nine Circles section will abruptly stop, or it will continue on, just like in Silent_Circles_II.
  • RealWhatamelon released a level called Halloween Circles wave, proving that Halloween Circles indeed does have a NC wave.