This is Georgiy.
Age Private
Levels All sorts of levels
Other Info
Crew Unknown
YouTube Channel The Georgiy YouTube Channel
Georgiy is a Geometry Dash player who makes all sorts of Geometry Dash Levels. He has experienced the friend request glitch (let's spread the word on this glitch) when he friend requests someone but when he closes his Geometry Dash game the friend request button resets. He stated it was kinda weird on his account, named Coolence. Georgiy laughs a lot on funny YouTube videos, like SMG4. Georgiy uses Everyplay for some funny Geometry Dash Replays. He also likes emojis!!! His current in game name has changed over the months.


GEORGIYPLAYS (used to be all capital letters)

SilentGeorgiy (his second name)

CherryGeorgiy (because he used to have red icons)

GeorgiyStarShip (his current name)

GeorgiyDash (his first upcoming name, if the other player with the in game name exactly named Georgiy (aka Goga), changes his name to something else, then this Georgiy will take the name Georgiy)

Georgiy (If Georgiy (aka Goga) changes his name to something else, then Georgiy will take THIS name)