Age 18
Levels 0 (4 on alternate account (0 starred))
Other Info
Crew Team Inspire
YouTube Channel Unknown

FenixGFX is a Polish Geometry Dash player and creator. Currently, Fenix has 7900 stars, 145 secret coins, 463 user coins, and 397 demons. She runs a Geometry Dash team, called Team Inspire.

Created Levels

  • Green World - A collaboration between members of the Geometry Dash Wiki. This was, however, uploaded on Sweg Dragon (LVgaming)'s account.
  • Cycles Remake - A remake of the official Geometry Dash level, Cycles. Completely new design and some different gameplay
  • Cant Let Go Remake - A remake of the official Geometry Dash level, Cant Let Go. Features some new design and different gameplay.

Upcoming Levels

  • Bounce Time - A megacollab featuring the talent of Team Inspire.
  • Errat - A solo level featuring some basic decoration and moderately difficult gameplay. This project is wholly independent.
  • Sound of Infinity - Yet another collaboration featuring the talent of the Geometry Dash Wiki, though this time being run by Psychomaniac14.
  • Vindictus - Once again, another collaboration featuring the Geometry Dash Wiki. The collab is being run by SwagMaster GD.
  • Polargeist Remake - Another remake of a Geometry Dash official level, this time on Polargeist.
  • Base After Base RM - A remake of the official Geometry Dash level, Base After Base.
  • Stereo Madness Remake - A remake of the official Geometry Dash level, Stereo Madness.


  • Fenix has an alternate account, AbstractHorizon.
    • This is because her main account's name wasn't to her liking, but she did not know how to change the name.
  • She has beaten various insane demons such as Landect, Rearmed, and Forsaken Neon.
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