Age 15
Levels 40+
Other Info
Crew None
YouTube Channel [1]

BallisticGmer is a player with around 100-200 subscribers. He began playing in early 1.9 and has improved his creating and skill drastically since late 2.0. His rise in popularity on his main Geometry Dash account comes from his more recent levels.

He is friends with many famous players/creators giving him an advantage with shout outs and getting his levels more traction.

His most popular level, Yatagarasu, is a hell themed level that gained popularity through the famous player Cyrillic uploading his level to his account and shouting him out. The level currently stands at over 40k downloads and over 4k likes. He has since created a remake of Yatagarasu naming it Yatagarasu X which consists of better decoration and improved gameplay.

His hardest level beaten is actually a level of his own named Bass Down Low. He claims it to be medium demon, which is a demon difficulty he has yet to conquer. This level gained a bit of traction from the player Terrashock, sitting at over 5k Youtube subscribers, played and completed his challenge.

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