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Archaic Cosmos
Level Information
Creator StarShip and Sunnet
Difficulty Easy Easy
Stars 2Star
Level ID 11863768
Song Zelda's Lullaby, Arranged
Composer Smartpoetic

Archaic Cosmos is an art level by StarShip. It was created for one of TriAxis' creator contests. It boasts extraordinary artwork and scenery.


The level starts of with a night sky background, and what appears to be a park setting below. The cube is covered with a sort of bright light. Then, it changes to a scene featuring a boat (covering what is now your ship) floating on water, with the same night sky above. It then changes to a scene with modern city silhouettes, with a posh-looking car below. Then, an instruction says "Jump!" and it enters the UFO section as the Sun and the planets in our Solar System pass by, the changing into ship halfway. Next, we see a scene of an aircraft cruising by in front of a cloudy blue and orange background. The level ends off with the creator's signature.

Coin Locations

The level used to have coins, but they have since been removed.

  • The first coin was located in the first cube sequence. After going down from the bridge, there will be figures of people at a telescope. This was where the coin was located.
  • The second coin was in the solar system scene, right at the center of the Sun.
  • The third coin was hidden at the end of the level, on the creator's name.