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Apocalyptic Trilogy
Level Information
Creator Zimnior12 and more, set to be verified by Sunix
Difficulty TBA
Stars TBA
Level ID TBA
Song At the Speed of Light
Composer Dimrain47

Apocalyptic Trilogy (commonly abbreviated as APT) is an upcoming megacollab hosted by Zimnior12, and set to be verified by Sunix. The level is still being built.


Being the second version of AfterCataBath, the entire level is redecorated with more 2.0/2.1-ish decorations. The entirety of the level is un-nerfed. Some parts however, are slightly or insanely buffed.


The game-play is entirely taken from three famous difficult levels ; Cataclysm, Bloodbath, and Aftermath. The first ship part of Aftermath, however, is scrapped, similar to the first version of this level, to give room for GgB0y part in Bloodbath.


  • The verifier, Sunix, managed to do a practice attempt on the original AfterCataBath, with only 67 attempts.
  • Most of the parts present in this level is core-inspired, given that a lot of them came from a clan known as CORE.
  • The host attempted to get Terron to build. However, he stated that he was busy.
  • JustBasic, ArToS2, and Splash got in as a reward for getting the top 3 in Zimnior12's CC.
  • Zimnior12 hoped that the level would be completed before 2.1. This was not the case.
  • This level was in production for about 9 months.
  • There are multiple kickouts and people leaving. There were 5 builders that got kicked due to no progress done to their parts, and at least 4 people left without ever finishing their parts.
  • Some of the builders present in this megacollab built more than one part in it, due to lack of builders and some of them left before they finished their parts.